TILT: The Town

WELCOME! This is an evolving, fictionalized map of Brainerd, MN, also know as TILTtheTown.  We’ve populated the town with the characters and landmarks from TILTtheMovie mixed in with actual people and places from Brainerd.  Additionally, we’re adding personalized TILTtheTown biographies for each person who contributed over a certain amount to our successful Kickstarter fund-raising campaign.

UPDATE! We had 223 people pledge to TILT, and almost all of them are going to end up in TILTtheTown! We’d better get to work!

There are TWO great ways to explore TILTtheTown:

  1. Explore TILTtheTown on Google Maps. There’s a numbered marker for each #TILTtheTown-eligible backer as well as markers pointing out businesses, TILT characters, and clues to the TILT story. The bios are fictional and fanciful but the links within each bio are real; click on them to find the backers on Twitter or view their websites.
  2. Dive into the storybook version of TILTtheTown, a PDF with hyperlinks. It’s a fast way to find out how the backer stories relate to one another, sort of like a warped version of the choose-your-own-adventure model.

Please keep in mind that both our TILTtheTown Google Map and the storybook version are works-in-progress. We’re doing our best to add bios for new backers as quickly as possible.  Right now the storybook version includes Backer 1 -170. Backers 170 – 223 will be added ASAP!

We hope you enjoy TILTtheTown.

TILTtheTown was created, developed, and written by Julie Keck & Jessica King.  If you find any errors in or have ideas for TILTtheTown, please let Julie & Jessica know either through twitter @kingisafink or directly via email: kingisafink [at] gmail.com.