TILT: The Cast

Alright, here it is everyone. The cast of TILT!  We have some really talented people we will be working with.  I am so excited for production to start.  Everyone auditioned, but not everyone did so in the same way.  Some auditioned in person, some via skype, and some also sent me videos.  We had a lot of great people that wanted to be a part of TILT, which was awesome!  But, these are the talented few we narrowed it down to.  So, go ahead and take a look through our cast.  You’ll be seeing a lot more of them in the near future.

Wade Dienert – Paul
Wade got his first taste of the stage as the lead in his third grade operetta.  That lead to high school plays, one in college & now he has been acting regularly the past seven years in theatre productions with Dakota Stage in Bismarck, ND, with over 20 theatre credits & counting.

Although the stage was where he got his first acting experience, his true love was always film and as early as 5th grade he set his sights on someday “Being in the Movies!!” He grew up watching James Garner in “The Rockford Files,” Clint Eastwood westerns & Dirty Harry, giving way to Magnum PI, Rocky movies, The Big Chill, Platoon & Lethal Weapon movies & on it goes.  (Really…..don’t call me shallow…..it is all about entertainment…..not every film can win the Academy Award!)  He made the mandatory move (without a clue) to Hollywood back in the 80’s, (thought he was going to be a member of the brat pack…….and yes….he was an unemployed actor sleeping on the floor) & then returned home to the great state of South Dakota to ranch, coach football & teach.  That led to what he calls “a long period of life getting in the way” of acting, but not all bad either!  With the craziness of life going full “Tilt” he jumped into a film career with both feet & has been busy acting in film the last four years in South Dakota, Minnesota & North Dakota, playing the lead or featured actor in 26 films.  He is very eager to be a part of “Tilt” & is looking forward to working with everyone on it.  He also has two other short films lined up for this fall after “Tilt” & is always looking for the next great film to be a part of!

Wade has worked with Labyrinth Films/49 Hour Films out of Aberdeen on several films, including “American Way” which was awarded the “Best Film” award in 2009 at the Fischgaard Film Competition held in Aberdeen, SD plus “The Foxhole Club” which won the award for “Technical Excellence” at the 2010 Fischgaard competition.

He has also done film work with film makers Tom Brandau, Alex Davidson, Bridget King, Jorge Sosa & many others.  This summer he will be shooting a western near Wall Drug in South Dakota.

To help pay the bills, Wade sells classic cars and ranches in South Dakota.  He is a graduate of Northern State University in Aberdeen, SD with a degree in education.  He actually used his degree for a while, teaching for 7 years & coaching football for 16 years.  The NFL, watching good movies & listening to good rock & roll would be considered his hobbies.  And yes, he does dream of going back to Hollywood, (with a clue this time) unless of course he could make a living acting here!  And no, his classic 1971 Firebird similar to the one used in “The Rockford Files” is not for sale!!!

Danielle West – Liz

I am from Novi, MI. I go to Eastern Michigan University for communications and theater arts. I’m moving to LA in January to further pursue my acting career!

Robin Whitt – Linda

Originally from Marquette, Michigan, Robin has been performing in the Twin Cities on stage and in film for several years. She has worked with Theatre Or, Shantz Theatre, Chameleon Theatre Circle, and Croumlent Shakespeare Company.  Her film credits include “Living Arrangements”, “Empty Fuller”, and the upcoming “The System”.

Andrew Lindsay – Doug

I have enjoyed acting from a young age, but have only recently  decided to pursue it. I had been cast in some other independent films, some of which never reached completion. My last work was a KingIsAFink production called Libidoland.

I grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago, served in the Marine Corps, and am holding a job welding aluminum.

Laura Busch – Marlene

has performed with “The Acting Company” (national tours 1983-86), playing various lead and supporting roles.  She was an extra in Fox films “Big”, “Working Girl” and “Wall Street” (all in the 80’s).  She is currently in the musical “Fishing Widows…The Reel Story” (St. Cloud’s Pioneer Place Theater, producer) which toured in MN theaters this summer.  Laura is happy to be back in Brainerd with her family.

Mike Janisch – Nick

I’m a student in Saint Paul.  I saw the audition post on the MN Film and TV Board website.  I’m applying to the nursing program in January, and hope to do traveling nursing soon. The goal is to learn more about film and quit the job I haven’t even started yet. I’m really excited to get around people who enjoy making movies. Thanks, hope to see everyone soon!

Dave Vieths – David

I bumped into Phil at a local barber shop earlier this year. Phil overheard me yak about my recent retirement from over forty years in educational theater and offered me an opportunity to read for the part of  David, the Deputy Sheriff.  Phil was either really hard up or liked what he heard and offered me the part. I was ready for a change after directing over 125 high school casts at Pillager and performing on Brainerd area stages whenever time permitted over the last 37 years.  My wife Connie (advisor of the Medical Secretary Program at Central Lakes College) and I have three grown sons and an increasing second family in the making: Kevin (a designer with Black Box Productions in Portland, Oregon) and Marit; Brad (culinary arts instructor at Proctor High School and assistant women’s basketball coach at St. Scholastica) and Brenda and new daughter Megan; and  Bryan (ironically, a Crow Wing County Sheriff’s Deputy) and Canndi and twin daughters Chelsea and Hannah. In addition to retirement time with three granddaughters, I’m beginning my own voice over career, DV studios.  If you got work, contact me at dave.vieths@gmail.com. I’ve got demos available and will have a studio up and running in a few months. I had to get a plug in where I could!!!  For now, I’m enjoying the chance to do my first movie! Keep the faith!… TILT on!!!!

Matthew Tousignant – Teddy

Matthew is an avid wake-boarder and is so obsessed with water sports that he has acquired the nickname Turtle. He has won an award from the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts for a role in the musical Chicago and has appeared in commercials seen on ESPN. Currently he is studying Theatre and International Business at St. Cloud State University.

Janet Fogg – Betty

Born in Pennsylvania, raised in Virginia.  Janet settled in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1988.  She’s been a flower child, a mother, a customer service representative and now (!) a grandmother.  Currently a member of Lev Mailers Actors Studio, she likes to use her varied background to shape interesting meaningful characters.  Janet thinks she was born to act and can’t imagine doing anything else.

Her work in feature films includes:

Prodigal, directed by Aaron Huggett, Lost Coin Productions (2009) Caroline, release date September 2010

Gehenna Movie, written and directed by Joshua Bruening (2010) Marge, (in post production)

Masquerade, directed by Jennifer Prettyman (2010) Helen, (in post production)

Why Am I In a Box, directed by Rachel Grubb, Silent-But-Deadly Productions (2010)

Illegal Use of Joe Zapp, directed by Sarah Rykal, WutWut Alma Moving Pictures (2008) Betty/P.O.W.

Group Home, directed by Ted Dewberry (2007) Martha

She lives in Hudson, Wisconsin with her husband, Jim.

Victoria LaChelle – Victoria

Victoria is a born-and-bred Minnesotan with a passion for performing. Her first performance was in a school production of “Noah’s Ark” at age 5, and she’s been acting ever since. She took up dance at the age of 9, and also enjoys singing, playing piano, and solving Rubik’s Cubes. She is very excited to be joining the Tilt team.

  1. Rhonda Davis Double says:

    I am so Proud of my niece Danielle West for all her accomplishments. I wish her all the best in life and what ever she endeavors… Best wishes….

    • tiltthemovie says:

      We’re lucky to have her on board for this project, and we have no doubt that she’ll knock this complex character out of the park! Filming is just a few short weeks away…

  2. Peter says:

    Andrew Lindsay is the BOMB!!!

  3. ashley goedker says:

    Matt Tousignant will rock your socks off, if he hasn’t already. You should have him dance for you….then you’ll know.

  4. Mr. Vieths was my 9th grade Honors English teacher! I love him to death and I’m so excited to see TILT when it comes out!

  5. Hannah G says:

    This is so cool! Dave Vieths was my English teacher just last year. I’m really sad that he doesn’t teach anymore, but I’m glad he is doing what he loves. He was truly an inspiration to me and a legacy to the school.

  6. megan says:

    OMG! dave Vieths is my teacher! 😀

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