TILT: Nuts & Bolts

It all started with a nightmare – Phil Holbrook’s nightmare. And now we’re turning it into a feature-length thriller that explores the question: WHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR YOUR FAMILY?

THE STORY: Paul hasn’t connected with his daughter for over 10 years, but when their world is turned upside down by an unthinkable act, he has to decide what’s more important: doing the right thing or setting things right? TILT is about revenge & forgiveness, betrayal & redemption, and second chances…small town style.

THE SCHEDULE: Phil pitched his idea for TILT to writers Julie Keck and Jessica King in January of 2010. Shooting starts 9/18/10. Release targeted for Spring 2011.

THE LOCATION: TILT will be filmed in Phil’s hometown of Brainerd, Minnesota, where many generous friends and strangers have already pledged essential services that are making this movie possible.

THE COLLABORATORS: In addition to Phil, there are a few other core TILT collaborators you should know. Filmmakers / screenwriters Julie Keck and Jessica King (also known as King is a Fink – www.kingisafink.com) are sharing writing and producing and PMD (Promotion / Marketing / Distribution Manager) duties. Cinematographer Jeremy Doyle (http://vimeo.com/user944757) has promised to make everything look pretty and scary and (sometimes) pretty scary.

THE FUNDS: During the summer of 2010 we successfully raised over $15k for TILT through Kickstarter, a crowdfunding site where we were allowed to pitch the idea for our film and gathered over 200 financial backers as well as 200 friendly encouragers.  Backers received perks including DVDs, fictional bios in TILTtheTown, and opportunities to request a scene re-enacted by TILT collaborators.

THE MUSIC: We held a contest on our TILT website for a composer, and the winner was the very talented Bill Finn (www.billfinnmusic.com). Bill got started by providing the music for our TILT Kickstarter pitch video, and we’re excited to see what he comes up with for the movie.

INDIE MOVIE CAMEOS: There are several scenes in which TILT characters watch movies, so we decided to spice things up by inviting other indie feature directors to submit their movies for cameos. The fans voted, and the winner were Mark Thimijan’s Barstool Cowboy and Gary King’s Death of the Dead. The runners up (Gary’s New York Lately and Lucas McNelly’s Blanc de Blanc) might also see a little screen time, if the stars align…

THE SHORTS: Since it’s going to take a while for TILT to be finished, we’re going to release 4 shorts based on side characters from TILT. These shorts will dig a little deeper into what life in TILT’s small town is like. You won’t need to see the shorts to understand TILT, but why not give them a peek?