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Well, two people guessed right on this one, so we had to go to the hat.  However, when picked out of the hat… both names came out.  So we’re going to send a One Eyed Pike Beer t-shirt to both of them.  And the winners are…. drum roll please….  Sherry “Cosmo” Cummings & Lucas McNelly!!  Hooray to them for coming up with the correct answer of 1.  I yelled on the set of TILT 1 time.  Here is the story…

We were trying to get a fairly complicated steadicam shot.  It was fairly complicated, because we don’t really have a steadicam, but were making do with what we had.  The shot starts in one room and goes down the hall and into the bedroom to see that someone is in the bathroom with the door closed.  So after trying this out a few times we finally got it perfect…. except… now the bathroom door is open.  WHY???!!!! The video below is a recreation of the events that then took place between myself and Julie.  Congratulations to Sherry and Lucas!!!

P.S. – We got the shot a couple tries later while I was sitting in the time out chair with a mouth full of Lifebuoy soap.


The contest is over.   Over 750 voters have spoken (in the final round alone). And we NEVER could have predicted these results:

We couldn’t believe these results either.  Take a look:

  • Since we have a tie for 3rd place, we’ve decided to choose our TILTtheScore composer from the four contestants listed above.

  • In addition to the composers, we’d like to thank everyone who kept up with this contest.  Over 1500 votes were cast throughout this competition, and we’re touched and overwhelmed by the response.  We hope you’ll all be up for giving us feedback on other aspects of this movie; we promise to make the best film possible.

The winner of the TILTtheScore contest will be announced on June 3rd, so stay tuned. We’re only at the BEGINNING of this movie-making journey!  If you’d like us to keep you posted on new developments, please sign up for our free newsletter.