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It’s Day 7 of the 9 Days of TILTness, and there is lots to talk about, so hop right in!

If you missed the 6th day of TILTness, catch up here.  If you’re all caught up, here’s the 7th…



BIG NEWS! Today there is a new (and easier) way to explore #TILTtheTown.

While we love our Google Maps version of TILTtheTown, we realize that it’s a little unwieldy, especially now that we’ve topped 100 backers (yay!)  So Jessica has created a hypertext PDF version of TILTtheTown in which all backer bios are listed in an easy-to-read format. Click the image below to view our TILTtheTown storybook.

Our Storybook version of TILTtheTown

Our Storybook version of TILTtheTown

Not only can you read the backer bios, but you can see how the backer stories are connected to one another and click on links to jump from bio to bio.  At the end of the document is an index listing the backers and who they’re connected to, sort of like the list at the end of your high school yearbook that showed all of the pictures you were in (you overachievers, you).

This first installment of our TILTtheTown storybook only includes our first 50 backers. Backers 50 – 100+, hold onto your hats. We’ll have an updated version that includes you VERY SOON.

Want to get into the TILTtheTown storybook? Contribute to our TILTtheMovie.  But hurry!  Our fundraising on Kickstarter ends on 8/6, and if we don’t reach our goal, we lose all pledges collected so far.  And we’d hate for something bad to happen to TILTtheTown…

(This is a repost of our Kickstarter update page from last Friday)

Hello everyone. Today I wanted to write a little bit about something that is mentioned in our $100 incentive: short films. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love short films. Shorts have a way of telling a story, opening up characters, and stirring your emotions in a matter of minutes.

The “secret” shorts that we will be making aren’t really a secret. They have been part of the overall plan for the TILT experience since early on. We just haven’t talked about them publicly. Well, that ends now.

Because the shorts are mentioned on the $100 incentive, I have received a few questions about them. So, let me lay out a few facts about TILT: The Shorts.

  • There will be 4 short films.
  • Each short will give a peek into the life of one of the supporting characters.
  • You will not have to see the shorts to watch the feature, or vice versa. But why wouldn’t you?
  • The shorts will be the 1st things that we edit.
  • As they are finished, the shorts will be available for a limited time to our $100+ backers for their input.
  • They will then be released to the internet for everyone to check out, free of charge, while we edit the feature.
  • They will also be included as a feature in the Special Edition DVD. (and the iPhone/iPad app, but we’ll talk more about that later)

That’s right, we are about to make, not only a feature film, but 4 short films as well. Are we up for the task? Absolutely! The biggest question hanging out there now is: Why? Great question. Thanks.

The answer… because we can. Oh, ok, not just that. You see, Julie & Jessica have created a very rich fictional version of my hometown of Brainerd, MN. The characters are well-written and developed with fantastic back stories. Unfortunately, if we told all of these stories, TILT would be about 10 hours long. Besides, TILT is mainly about a father & a daughter, Paul & Liz. Those other characters will just have to go get their own movies. Which is exactly what happened. Four of these fabulous supporting characters will have a short film that will allow you a glimpse into their life. A glimpse probably not seen by their own friends and family, but you’ll get to be there. Will they be scary, funny, or sad? You’ll have to watch them all and see.

Will it be a lot of work? Sure, but it will also be really cool! Besides, you’re all helping us with the hardest part, the funding. You are all so amazing. We couldn’t do it without you. The last couple weeks have been an amazing ride. Thank you so much for coming with us.

TILT: The Team

The TILT team is overjoyed to have gotten 14 fabulous entries for our TILT: The Score contest.  We’d like to thank each of the entrants and congratulate them on their hard work.  No matter what the outcome of the contest, we hope that everyone had a great time and that their interest in creating quality music for indie films guides them to some exciting opportunities.

Before we start the voting, let’s go over the set-up:


We respect our voters opinions, and we also respect their time.  Therefore, we’re breaking the TILT the Score entries into 3 groups to make it more reasonable for voters to listen to all of the entries.

Voting for Group 1

  • Group 1 will consist of 5 entries.
  • Voting for Group 1 starts Mon, 5/17, at 12pm CST
  • Voting for Group 1 ends Thurs, 5/20, at 12pm CST
  • Top two vote-getters will advance to the Final Round.

Voting for Group 2

  • Group 2 will consist of 5 entries.
  • Voting for Group 2 starts Thurs, 5/20, at 12pm CST
  • Voting for Group 2 ends Sun, 5/23, at 12pm CST
  • Top 2 vote-getters will advance to the Final Round.

Voting for Group 3

  • Group 3 will consist of 4 entries.
  • Voting for Group 3 starts Sun, 5/23, at 12pm CST
  • Voting for Group 3 ends Wed, 5/26, at 12pm CST
  • Top 2 vote-getters will advance to the Final Round.

Final Round

  • In the Final Round, the 6 winners from Groups 1 – 3 will face off.
  • Voting for the Final Round starts Wed, 5/26, at 12pm CST.
  • Voting for the Final Round ends Mon, 5/31, at 12pm CST.
  • The TILT team will deliberate pick the Winner from the top three vote-getters in the Final Round.
  • The Winner will be revealed on June 3.

So, without further ado – Watch, then VOTE!



( & (



( & (Twitter – @KyleDOwen)



( & (Twitter – @StudioAlethea)





( & (Twitter: @matthadlington)


You only get one vote for each group, so make it count!

Thank you for voting today. Come back on Thursday (5/20) after 12pm CST to view and vote for Group 2 entries!

Yes. I know this video is 8 minutes long. But I’m kind of an equipment nerd and shooting with a DSLR is so completely new to me, I just get excited. Be glad that I chopped it way down to 8 min…

Here’s some info about a few of the new pieces of equipment I picked up to shoot TILT with.

If you have questions about anything, let ’em fly.  I’ll answer anything I can.

UPDATE: I found a video that talks more about the battery grip I mentioned. It was shot for a great blog,  Lots of cool stuff there.

  • What is TILT? A feature-length dramatic thriller we’re making in 2010
  • Who’s involved? Phil Holbrook (directing & producing), Jessica King (writing & producing), Julie Keck (writing), Jeremy Doyle (cinematography), everyone else (TBA)
  • What’s it about? A father, a daughter, a tragedy, and some revenge. Not necessarily listed in order of appearance.
  • When is the movie going to be finished? Phil first approached us about the collaboration in January. We plan to deliver the 1st 30 pages to Phil before they head up to meet him (and Jeremy) at EgoFest on 2/19. Projected finish date for the screenplay = March. Shooting planned for late summer / early fall.
  • Where will TILT be shot? Lovely Brainerd, Minnesota
  • Have any of you made a feature-length movie before? Nope
  • Does that scare you? Yep.
  • Why do you think now’s the time to try it? We’ve all produced our own shorts; check out Phil’s Honest Work, Julie & Jessica’s shorts, and Jeremy’s work. Also, we’re all driven. We’re inspired by the other amazing filmmakers we know taking a shot and making it happen. We’re all ready. And we all know that 4 heads (and sets of hands) are better than one.
  • Who’s in charge? Everyone. We communicate regularly through email, Twitter & GoogleWave. We meet weekly via Skype. All tasks are discussed, assigned, and followed-up on in a friendly and respectful manner. And when things get done, Jessica puts cool scratch-and-sniff stickers on our reinforcement poster. (Phil has the most stickers…for now.)
  • How are you going to engage your audience? We’re going to buy a whole bunch of diamond rings, then take our audience out for a romantic dinner, get down on one knee… no, wait. Scratch that.
  • We hope to engage our friends and our fans by sharing every single step of this filmmaking journey via blog, vlog, Twitter, etc. We all have all of the passwords to all of the TILT accounts (Twitter, the blog, the email, etc.), so we’ll all have equal opportunity to ask questions, vent, or share information. Maybe Phil will post videos when he’s in the midst of casting or scouting for locations. Maybe Julie will vent via vlog when she’s up all night and having trouble with a scene. Maybe Jeremy will blog about how he can’t believe Julie wrote a spaceship into the middle of a dramatic thriller…maybe not.
  • But we’re not only going to share our successes and frustrations with you. We’re also going to ask for your input. From time to time, we’re going to post questions or ask for your opinions about how to do something or which way to go. Why? Because YOU, friends and fans, are our best resource.
  • So far, who’s the hardest person to work with? Phil. Two words: Di. va.
  • Who’s the easiest…? Julie, definitely.
  • Um … easiest to WORK WITH? Oh…um, Jessica & Jeremy are probably tied on that one. (Awkward…)

We hope this gives you a little better idea about where we started and where we’re headed. We plan to post updates on Mondays and Thursdays, at the very least, so subscribe to the site to make sure you catch everything. Also, you can keep up with us on Twitter (@TILTtheMovie) for additional updates. Follow us individually on Twitter to get extra tidbits and a ringside seat to our collaboration: Phil (@philotilt), Jeremy (@jerdoyle), Julie & Jessica (@kingisafink).

What’s Coming Next? A post from Jeremy Doyle about equipment he plans to use + a vlog from King is a Fink

Introducing – Tilt

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