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(This is a repost of our Kickstarter update page from last Friday)

Hello everyone. Today I wanted to write a little bit about something that is mentioned in our $100 incentive: short films. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love short films. Shorts have a way of telling a story, opening up characters, and stirring your emotions in a matter of minutes.

The “secret” shorts that we will be making aren’t really a secret. They have been part of the overall plan for the TILT experience since early on. We just haven’t talked about them publicly. Well, that ends now.

Because the shorts are mentioned on the $100 incentive, I have received a few questions about them. So, let me lay out a few facts about TILT: The Shorts.

  • There will be 4 short films.
  • Each short will give a peek into the life of one of the supporting characters.
  • You will not have to see the shorts to watch the feature, or vice versa. But why wouldn’t you?
  • The shorts will be the 1st things that we edit.
  • As they are finished, the shorts will be available for a limited time to our $100+ backers for their input.
  • They will then be released to the internet for everyone to check out, free of charge, while we edit the feature.
  • They will also be included as a feature in the Special Edition DVD. (and the iPhone/iPad app, but we’ll talk more about that later)

That’s right, we are about to make, not only a feature film, but 4 short films as well. Are we up for the task? Absolutely! The biggest question hanging out there now is: Why? Great question. Thanks.

The answer… because we can. Oh, ok, not just that. You see, Julie & Jessica have created a very rich fictional version of my hometown of Brainerd, MN. The characters are well-written and developed with fantastic back stories. Unfortunately, if we told all of these stories, TILT would be about 10 hours long. Besides, TILT is mainly about a father & a daughter, Paul & Liz. Those other characters will just have to go get their own movies. Which is exactly what happened. Four of these fabulous supporting characters will have a short film that will allow you a glimpse into their life. A glimpse probably not seen by their own friends and family, but you’ll get to be there. Will they be scary, funny, or sad? You’ll have to watch them all and see.

Will it be a lot of work? Sure, but it will also be really cool! Besides, you’re all helping us with the hardest part, the funding. You are all so amazing. We couldn’t do it without you. The last couple weeks have been an amazing ride. Thank you so much for coming with us.

TILT: The Team