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It’s Day 8 of the 9 Days of TILTness.  It’s Day 8!  It’s Day 8!  It’s Day 8!  It’s Day 8!

If you missed the 7th day of TILTness, catch up here.  If you’re all caught up, here’s the 8th…




It’s Day 7 of the 9 Days of TILTness, and there is lots to talk about, so hop right in!

If you missed the 6th day of TILTness, catch up here.  If you’re all caught up, here’s the 7th…


Well, two people guessed right on this one, so we had to go to the hat.  However, when picked out of the hat… both names came out.  So we’re going to send a One Eyed Pike Beer t-shirt to both of them.  And the winners are…. drum roll please….  Sherry “Cosmo” Cummings & Lucas McNelly!!  Hooray to them for coming up with the correct answer of 1.  I yelled on the set of TILT 1 time.  Here is the story…

We were trying to get a fairly complicated steadicam shot.  It was fairly complicated, because we don’t really have a steadicam, but were making do with what we had.  The shot starts in one room and goes down the hall and into the bedroom to see that someone is in the bathroom with the door closed.  So after trying this out a few times we finally got it perfect…. except… now the bathroom door is open.  WHY???!!!! The video below is a recreation of the events that then took place between myself and Julie.  Congratulations to Sherry and Lucas!!!

P.S. – We got the shot a couple tries later while I was sitting in the time out chair with a mouth full of Lifebuoy soap.

Welcome to the 3rd Day of TILTness, my review of the production adventure that was TILT. First, watch the video to find out why I mention Lucas McNelly. THEN you can go check him out here.

I edited this video down to only 8 minutes today.  Enjoy!

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Ready for the 4th Day of TILTness?

Welcome to the 2nd Day of TILTness, my review of what happened during the 9 days of shooting for TILT.

OK, I got really long winded today – this video is 12 minutes long.  BUT when you have things to say, you have things to say.  I talk about a light set at the end of this video and mention that I will put the link to the review I saw of it up here. So… here it is:

If you missed the 1st day of TILTness, catch up here. Ready for the 2nd?

Ready for the 3rd day of TILTness?

Hello, everyone!  This is the beginning of the 9 days of TILTness, my recap of the 9-day production journey of TILT.  Enjoy.

Ready for the 2nd day of TILTness?

Last week we celebrated our TILT actors. Now it’s time to give our TILT techies some love.

It takes a lot of people to make a film well, and not just any people will do. You need dedicated, hard-working folks who are smart, talented, and able to balance intense bursts of busy-ness and long periods of waiting with grace and dexterity. Finding people who are fun to be around and like the same things on a midnight pizza doesn’t hurt, either.

On the set of TILT, in addition to the creative team of Phil, Julie, Jeremy, and I, we had the great fortune of working with talented sound recordist Joshua Hemsworth, along with two amazing production assistants, Tony Augustinack and Nick Vitale.

Photographer Mari Kivisto was also on hand to collect visual proof of our production antics and anguish, as was TILT cheerleader and jane-of-all-trades Tara Giese, who magically appeared on set each and every time we needed funny dances, goofy faces, solid hugs, yoga stretches, caramel macchiatos, and energy boosts. (You might argue that Tara’s are not technically ‘technical skills,’ to which we’d say you’ve obviously never been on a sleep-deprived, slap-happy film set.)

Josh can hear things I didn't even know were hear-able.

We want to permanently hire Tony to work on all our sets.

An uncharacteristic moment of downtime for Nick, a rarity.

A little slice o' Mari...

A little slice o' Mari...

And now, time to get our video on: