Writers: Julie Keck & Jessica King

“King and Keck are a perfect mix of the 2 great Catherines: Breillat & O’Hara. Fat Girl meets SCTV, anyone?”

Jessica King grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and eventually moved to the city via China; country mouse Julie Keck entered Chicago via Jessica.  Their first films were inspired by inside jokes and made primarily to tickle the fancies of their closest friends.  In their subsequent films they’ve explored the exquisite embarrassment associated with living.  King and Keck’s most recent films, Anxiety Acres and Libidoland, showcase characters venturing out of their comfort zones and flailing in the quicksand of their own imaginations.

In addition to producing ultra-low budget films, Jessica and Julie have written short and feature length screenplays in a variety of genres. Their primary goal: to tell stories that are at once familiar, uncomfortable, demented, and exhilarating.

Julie and Jessica run an active blog chronicling their work at – kingisafink.com.  They are also active on twitter, facebook, vimeo, and youtube.