Cinematographer: Jeremy Doyle

Jeremy Doyle is based in Brainerd MN.  He’s interest in film started when he was a little kid, but really started to grow in high school.  He grew up watching a lot of “B” movies.  In particular horror and science fiction.  They do make the best “B” movies.  Inspired by early Sam Raimi and Full Moon Picture movies, his dreams began to grow.

He started his college years as a writing major, but that all changed at the end of his sophomore year when he took a media communications course.  In his junior year he took a video production class and for the first time in his academic career, he didn’t have to study.  What was spoke, he remembered,  What he read, he remembered.  His eyes were opened.

He started his professional career as a cameraman.  From there he progressed to editing and producing.  He has a thirst that is only quenched in creative expression and a passion for technology and learning.