Word on the Street: TILT Teaser Trailer

Posted: October 30, 2010 in Tilt
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Our friends, colleagues, and family members are giving us really positive feedback about our new TILT teaser trailer.  It definitely feels good to hear good things about our work, but we decided to secretly film audience member reactions at the trailer at Flyway Film Festival to show you what people REALLY thought.  And these faces don’t lie…

Big thanks to our test subjects Bill Elverman, Sheri Candler, Jake Stetler, Gary King, Susie King, everyone else at the Flyway Film Fest Backer Party, and Rick Vaicius & Flyway Film Fest for putting their trust in us and debuting the trailer. What a fun night!

  1. W. Dienert says:

    Cool! Thanks for getting the trailer into the festival.

  2. JD says:

    I will fully take the blame. Unless you don’t like it than it’s the writers fault… Oh, hi Julie and Jessica, I was just telling everyone what an awesome job you did with the script for Tilt!

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