The 9 Days of TILTNESS – Day 2

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Tilt
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Welcome to the 2nd Day of TILTness, my review of what happened during the 9 days of shooting for TILT.

OK, I got really long winded today – this video is 12 minutes long.  BUT when you have things to say, you have things to say.  I talk about a light set at the end of this video and mention that I will put the link to the review I saw of it up here. So… here it is:

If you missed the 1st day of TILTness, catch up here. Ready for the 2nd?

Ready for the 3rd day of TILTness?

  1. spoxx says:

    “…long winded…?” – niente! (compared to “Gone With the Wind”) – more!

  2. tiltthemovie says:

    Phil, your decision to schedule the two hardest days first saved the WHOLE shoot. GREAT call. We will follow you anywhere. J&J

  3. […] Ready for the 2nd day of TILTness? […]

  4. Steph says:

    I can’t view the video on my computer. but thanks for the updates. Do you know where and when the “Tilt” the movie will be shown?

    • tiltthemovie says:

      Hope you’ve had a chance to catch up on the first 3 days of TILTness, Steph. As far as seeing TILT goes, we’re aiming for a preview screening in Feb at EgoFest if the stars align. Other than that, expect to catch it at screenings and film fests across the country starting the spring. Eventually…DVDs, downloads, apps…

  5. Lisa says:

    Love the glimpse at the behind the scenes and the musical intro. I think my dog liked it too, given how much howling she was doing during the singing.

    Seriously, this whole project is really amazing to watch unfold. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • tiltthemovie says:

      Oh man…your poor pup. No beloved pet should be subjected to Julie & Jessica’s singing. Beware: as the # of days of TILTness get higher, the song gets longer…

      Thanks for all of your encouragement, Lisa. We’re having the time of our lives, and as long as you like these behind-the-scenes snapshots, we’ll keep sharing them. SO much more to come!

  6. […] you missed the 2nd day of TILTness, catch up here.  Here’s the […]

  7. […] Ready for the 2nd day of TILTness? […]

  8. W. Dienert says:

    Naps…..? Yes, to be totally honest….Phil, Jeremy, Julie, Tony & Nick never got any naps during the 9 days of shooting….the true heroes of the film & definitely the hardest workers! My heroes…..I don’t know how they did it!!! 🙂

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