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Posted: October 8, 2010 in Tilt
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Many local businesses helped out during the filming of TILT.  One of them was the makers of One Eyed Pike beer, a local brewing company.  You can find them here or on facebook.  For kicks, we are giving away one of the One Eyed Pike beer t-shirts they so kindly gave us.  Watch the video to find out the contest question and then leave your answer in the comment section below.  If more than one person is correct we will draw out of a hat.  This contest will end at 5:00pm CST, next Friday, Oct. 15th.  Have fun!


Modeling the One Eyed Pike T-shirts!

  1. Sherry says:

    one time

  2. Becky Cline says:

    Hell, I don’t know…0.

  3. Depends what you consider yelling. “Quiet on Set!” or “Okay, places, Everyone!” or “Back to One!” could have been yells. But assuming you mean yelling as in angry at someone or something, I’d say ZERO, cuz Phil doesn’t seem like a yeller.

  4. Gary says:

    I think Phil yelled 0 times while shooting Tilt.

  5. geologylady says:

    Ooo this is like the price is right – can I say 1 dollar

    wait what did everyone else bid… oh um can I say one more than what every the highest bid is?

    Fine – where’s my dart board


  6. Konrad Stief says:

    12 times 😛

  7. Fav Doyle Sis-in-Law says:

    Since it is beer related… I’m going with 24… a case… even though I understand Phil is not a yeller… depends on if the yelling is out loud or just in his head… in his head, possibly 24… out loud, prolly zilch…

    thanks to jer for the sampler packs… i certainly prefer the pike over the first pull…

  8. This is Julie. I don’t even remember making that video. And what’s this movie everyone keeps talking about?

    • W. Dienert says:


      Did you just throw Gordy under the bus? You can’t really expect him to be held accountable for Phil’s behavior can you? I am sure he was just as embarrassed as the rest of us……. 😦 I mean really….he walked around with his head down most of the time.

  9. W. Dienert says:

    Well really, Phil was such a drama queen that I quit counting after the 25th hissy fit by the end of the second day! And really, who could blame him. Where did he get that bunch of actors…all drama queens….the one from ND was simply the worst. Only the “extras” from the Saturday night shoot showed any level of professionalism…..oh yeah, & the gray kitten. My guesstimate would be about 75 times……..

  10. Wade, you are hilarious.

  11. lucas mcnelly says:

    I’m going w/ 1

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