TILT: The Movie Makers, Part Two – Techies

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Tilt
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Last week we celebrated our TILT actors. Now it’s time to give our TILT techies some love.

It takes a lot of people to make a film well, and not just any people will do. You need dedicated, hard-working folks who are smart, talented, and able to balance intense bursts of busy-ness and long periods of waiting with grace and dexterity. Finding people who are fun to be around and like the same things on a midnight pizza doesn’t hurt, either.

On the set of TILT, in addition to the creative team of Phil, Julie, Jeremy, and I, we had the great fortune of working with talented sound recordist Joshua Hemsworth, along with two amazing production assistants, Tony Augustinack and Nick Vitale.

Photographer Mari Kivisto was also on hand to collect visual proof of our production antics and anguish, as was TILT cheerleader and jane-of-all-trades Tara Giese, who magically appeared on set each and every time we needed funny dances, goofy faces, solid hugs, yoga stretches, caramel macchiatos, and energy boosts. (You might argue that Tara’s are not technically ‘technical skills,’ to which we’d say you’ve obviously never been on a sleep-deprived, slap-happy film set.)

Josh can hear things I didn't even know were hear-able.

We want to permanently hire Tony to work on all our sets.

An uncharacteristic moment of downtime for Nick, a rarity.

A little slice o' Mari...

A little slice o' Mari...

And now, time to get our video on:

  1. Jeremy Doyle says:

    That about sums it up. Now let’s get back to the really important things like… ME!

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