Punxsutawney Phil: Scenes for a TILT Backer

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Tilt

During the TILT Kickstarter campaign, we promised to re-enact any and all scenes assigned to us by backers who contributed at the $250-and-over level. We did Office Space, Star Trek, and It’s a Wonderful Life.  And now…TILT Director Phil Holbrook does Groundhog Day for the very generous and supportive David Augustyn.  Thank you, David. Here you go!

The scenes David requested:

The TILT-ed version:

And YES, you Honest Work fans, that IS Ross Farro.

Thanks again to David Augustyn and to all of the wonderful folks who have supported TILT so far.  Filming starts this Saturday. Watch for blogs, vlogs, pictures, new TILTtheTown bios, AND a way for new backers to get in on the fun…

  1. booksbelow says:

    You know, as creative as you all are, someday people will be re-enacting classic Tilt scenes-

  2. What a fantastic “Groundhog Day” video…..it´s hilarious and Phil, you are an outstanding actor, my respect….didn´t know you were so talented!!! Already watched it a couple of times…..very,very cool! GREAT stunts…. and NO double, excellent!
    Good luck now for the TILT shooting….. break a leg and all the best for you Jess & Julie, wish I could join you guys on the set!
    Hugs from Germany acroso the pond!
    Marcella xoxo

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