TILTtheTown Storybook Part II

Posted: July 23, 2010 in Tilt
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BIG NEWS! The TILTtheTown Storybook is up to date through backer #100!

While we love our Google Maps version of TILTtheTown, we realize that it’s a little unwieldy, especially now that we’ve topped 100 backers (yay!)  So Jessica has created a hypertext PDF version of TILTtheTown in which all backer bios are listed in an easy-to-read format. Click the image below to view our TILTtheTown storybook.

Our Storybook version of TILTtheTown

Click here to view the storybook

Not only can you read the backer bios, but you can see how the backer stories are connected to one another and click on links to jump from bio to bio.  At the end of the document is an index listing the backers and who they’re connected to, sort of like the list at the end of your high school yearbook that showed all of the pictures you were in (you overachievers, you).

Want to get into the TILTtheTown storybook? Contribute to our TILTtheMovie.  But hurry!  Our fundraising on Kickstarter ends on 8/6, and if we don’t reach our goal, we lose all pledges collected so far.  And we’d hate for something bad to happen to TILTtheTown…


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