The Perfect Perk: Performing a Scene from a Movie?

Posted: June 29, 2010 in Tilt

As many of you who follow our blog know, we are currently raising funds for TILT via a website called Kickstarter.   If you haven’t seen our pitch video yet, you can view it HERE.  For people who contribute to our fundraiser, we have many great incentives at different levels.

TILT: The Town. By far, the most popular incentive is being added to TILT: The Town.  Julie & Jessica have created the most amazing Google map that I believe has ever been seen! The map is a combination of the characters and places from TILT, real places from the town of Brainerd, and our real backers with fake biographies.  So far, 52 real people now lead fictitious lives in TILT: The Town.  It’s a beautifully intertwined story of small town living that you can be a part of (and many of you are) if you contribute $15 or more in support of our film, TILT.

Another exciting TILT perk. If you support TILT at the $250 level: “… one or more members of the Tilt team will record a video performing a scene from any movie you choose.”  You may be asking yourself, “What does that mean?”  Great question.  Instead of explaining it, I thought I’d just record a small example.  The video below is my rendition of a scene from OFFICE SPACE.  If you like it, imagine which scene from which movie you’d have us do…

Thank you ALL for your continued support. If you have a chance, tell your friends about what we’re up to. The more, the merrier in TILT: The Town.

  1. booksbelow says:

    This was incredible, who can forget about the poor stapler situation! Casting was great, though I don’t remember beards on all the original cast. As soon as I win the lottery I know where some of the money will go to. All this creativity spilling over in the fund raising just makes me more excited about the actual film!

  2. Yes, the cast was a little hairier than the original, but they were hard workers. I’m glad your excited about the film… we are too!

  3. […] Phil did one, too. Here’s him doing a scene from Office Space. […]

  4. […] any and all scenes assigned to us by backers who contributed at the $250-and-over level. We did Office Space, Star Trek, and It’s a Wonderful Life.  And now…TILT Director Phil Holbrook does […]

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