TILT: The Score Voting – Group 3

Posted: May 23, 2010 in Tilt
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Two groups of amazing TILT: the Score entries down, one more to go…

  • Voting for Groups 1 and 2 is finished. Check out our Group #1 finalists and our Group #2 finalists.
  • Voting for Group 3 ends Wednesday, 5/26, at 12pm CST.  The top 2 vote-getters will advance to the Final Round.
  • For more info about the rules and prize, click here.

Let the voting continue!







(http://www.onyoumusic.com/) & (Twitter: @onYouMusic)

You only have one vote per group, so make it count!

Thank you for voting today! The final round of votes starts Wednesday, 5/26, 12pm CST.  Help us choose a winner out of the Top 6!

  1. Lilia says:

    hot damn – this is getting kinda tough! (but in a good way!)

  2. Susan Finn says:

    Having listened to the 4 scores and appreciated them all, I am more drawn to the one score(Bill Finn) that uses the actual sounds that ‘could’ be in the environment to set the base line with the other music/sounds to accentuate the emotional resonance.

    Thanks for the opportunity

  3. M. Tranter says:

    While all the scores are very good, Bill Finn’s is my favorite.

  4. Will says:

    Wow, another great round of scores!

  5. todd smith says:

    After taking a listen I would say that Mr. Finn has the most compelling. They are all very good and the music is wonderful, but I agree with Mrs. Finn, that the sounds of the environment make me feel a little more involved with the film, rather than thinking of it like a music video. Thanks!!

  6. GarrettB says:

    Whoever wins, this has been an epic round!

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