Tilt: The Gear

Posted: May 1, 2010 in Tilt
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Yes. I know this video is 8 minutes long. But I’m kind of an equipment nerd and shooting with a DSLR is so completely new to me, I just get excited. Be glad that I chopped it way down to 8 min…

Here’s some info about a few of the new pieces of equipment I picked up to shoot TILT with.

If you have questions about anything, let ’em fly.  I’ll answer anything I can.

UPDATE: I found a video that talks more about the battery grip I mentioned. It was shot for a great blog, cheesycam.com.  Lots of cool stuff there.

  1. Jake Stetler says:

    Excellent video, Phil. Thank you for sharing the info. Been debating using a DSLR for a future project. No Sanctuary wasn’t even HD. Looking forward to watching Tilt: The Movie come together. By the way… I chose OTHER on your poll and wrote in — ALL OF THE ABOVE. Keep up the great work. —

  2. tiltthemovie says:

    Thanks, Jake! I really appreciate it. I’m pretty excited to see No Sanctuary. It has a lot of the elements I really like in a movie.

  3. 4D4Films says:

    Great little video on the rails and follow focus you’ve got going for Tilt! Keep em’ coming, it’s great to be able to watch your progress from afar.

  4. Oli says:

    Really interesting stuff, thanks, Phil – always good to hear about the not-so-great stuff when people are getting swept up in all kinds of “new kit” hysteria.

    Great home-worked solutions, too – loving the creativity.

  5. tiltthemovie says:

    Thanks 4D4 Films, I’m glad you’re keeping tabs on us!

    Oli,I appreciate you taking the time. It’s surprising what a guy can do with enough rubber bands and some duct tape.

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