Casting Tilt: Part 2

Posted: April 15, 2010 in Tilt

It’s a Big Week for TILT.

  • First, we made the big switch over to WordPress.  Julie and Jessica are WordPress geniuses.  Me… not so much.  I’ll get the hang of it, though.
  • Then, on Monday, we announced the “Score Our Film” contest.  If you are a musician (or know one), you better check it out.
  • Finally, because good things come in threes, today we are announcing our official casting call.  Ta da.  Monday for musicians, Thursday for actors.  Hooray!

Getting The Word Out

  • For those that read the first part of “Casting Tilt,” you’ll remember that we will be posting to, craigslist, and the Minnesota Film and TV Board website.
  • Those will be a good start, but I think we can round out internetland with a facebook event and (my personal favorite) some twitter tweets.
  • Don’t think I’m forgetting the Brainerd locals.  Posters are going up around town, at the local community college, theater groups, coffee shops, etc.  I know Brainerd will make a good showing.

A Word About Friends

  • I want to say thank you to everyone for being so supportive.  We have such a great family of people who believe in not just our project, but us.  We are so grateful to have all of you, and your word of mouth could help us find just the right person.
  • I do want to mention one person in particular, because he has gone above and beyond… Travis Legge (@TravisLegge).  When I posted “Casting Tilt: Part 1,” Travis immediately went to work emailing actors he knew or had auditioned, and within a couple days I had received 15 emails with resumes and head shots.  He could’ve just retweeted my post, but he went the extra mile for us, and we really appreciate it.  Thanks, Travis.
  • Speaking of Travis, he has his own project going on right now, Raymond Did It. He’s really close to meeting his funding goal; check it out:

Our Official Casting Call for the Independent Feature Film Project TILT

  • This film is a low budget independent film to be shot in the Brainerd Lakes Area of Minnesota.  These are non-paying roles, but you will, of course, get credit and copy along with meals, and expenses if travel is required.  This is an ambitious project with a great script.  We will be shooting over 9 days in September. If you would like to check out more about the project, go to
  • If interested, please send a resume and head shot along with any links to previous works (videos).  For out-of-state actors, you may contact us about sending a reel (or a link to one) and doing an audition via video Skype.  Auditions will take place at the Franklin Art Center in Brainerd, MN, on May 22nd at 1:00pm in the Q Gallery.  All of your information or questions may be sent to  or   I am also available on twitter – @Philontilt

More About TILT:

  • Tilt is a dramatic thriller set in Brainerd, MN.
  • LOGLINE: In the aftermath of an unthinkable event, a father struggles to reconnect with his daughter while deciding how far he’ll go to protect her.

The Characters of TILT:

  • Paul (45 – 50) A quiet man who’s been stuck in a rut since his wife died 10 years ago. Has a daughter he doesn’t pay much attention to.  He takes care of her monetary needs but that’s about it.  Paul’s lived in the same small town (Brainerd, Minnesota) for his whole life.  He knows everyone in town but has only one good friend, Doug.  Otherwise, he keeps to himself.  Reliable at work.  Eats alone.  Sleeps alone.  Fine with both.

  • Liz (18 – 20) Paul’s daughter.  A hell-raiser.  Not quite drinking age but most people in the small town of Brainerd give her leeway because of her mom’s death.  Not close to her dad.  Taking college classes but not serious about them.  Main goal is to party and maybe be an artist someday.

  • Doug (45 – 50) Paul’s best friend.  A college professor who fancies that he has more in common with his students than his colleagues.  Married to Marlene.  Charming and funny.  Always there when Paul needs something.  Never there when Marlene’s looking for him.

  • Marlene (40 – 45) Doug’s wife.  A self-proclaimed martyr who’s been putting up with Doug for 20 years.  No kids.  Marlene takes care of Doug’s housebound father, participates in PTA meetings even though she doesn’t have children, and runs several women’s groups at her church.  Marlene watches a lot of Oprah, has a lot of formerly popular fitness equipment, and thinks recycling is pretentious.

  • David (55 – 60) Sheriff’s deputy in Brainerd.  Knows a lot about what goes on in the town.  Soft-spoken.  Observant.  Calm.  Empathetic.

  • Teddy (21) Bartender at the bar and grill.  Was a football player in high school but hasn’t done anything much since then.  Very attractive.  Flirts with all attractive women; sleeps with any who’ll let him.

  • Nick (18 – 20) Liz’s boyfriend.  A good kid trying to do well at the local college so he can transfer somewhere else.  Wishes Liz would do the same thing, but he’s content to just be by her while he has the chance.

  • Linda (45 – 50) Works with Paul.  Single since her husband left her for another woman 15 years ago.  Harbors a fantasy that someday Paul will fall in love with her.  Likes to bring Paul his favorite donuts and remind him that she has a great memory.

  • Betty (70 – 75) Runs the local convenience store. Acts like she doesn’t care about anything but her soaps and magazines.  Knows everything that happens to everyone in the town.  Secretly loves opera.  Does taxidermy in her spare time.  Takes special pride in her home-made sandwiches.

  • Brunette (22 – 25) Flirts with Teddy at the bar.  Possibly married.  Definitely hot.

  • Liz’s friends (18 – 22)  3 girls and 2 guys who go to the bar and grill with Liz and Teddy.  Young. Fun.

Various extras:

  • Extras for the 3 separate bar and grill scenes (all ages; kids, too)
  • Female nurse for hospital scene (20s)
  • Female cop for hospital scene (30s)

Questions? Contact us at

  1. You know those dreams where you’re naked and everyone’s looking at you? That’s how I feel right now with the Tilt character descriptions up. Commencing deep breathing exercises in 3, 2, 1…

  2. JD says:

    Man, too bad I’ll be shooting this thing, cause I think I’d be perfect for the role of Teddy.

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