The Nitty Gritty on TILT by Julie & Jessica

Posted: February 11, 2010 in Tilt
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  • What is TILT? A feature-length dramatic thriller we’re making in 2010
  • Who’s involved? Phil Holbrook (directing & producing), Jessica King (writing & producing), Julie Keck (writing), Jeremy Doyle (cinematography), everyone else (TBA)
  • What’s it about? A father, a daughter, a tragedy, and some revenge. Not necessarily listed in order of appearance.
  • When is the movie going to be finished? Phil first approached us about the collaboration in January. We plan to deliver the 1st 30 pages to Phil before they head up to meet him (and Jeremy) at EgoFest on 2/19. Projected finish date for the screenplay = March. Shooting planned for late summer / early fall.
  • Where will TILT be shot? Lovely Brainerd, Minnesota
  • Have any of you made a feature-length movie before? Nope
  • Does that scare you? Yep.
  • Why do you think now’s the time to try it? We’ve all produced our own shorts; check out Phil’s Honest Work, Julie & Jessica’s shorts, and Jeremy’s work. Also, we’re all driven. We’re inspired by the other amazing filmmakers we know taking a shot and making it happen. We’re all ready. And we all know that 4 heads (and sets of hands) are better than one.
  • Who’s in charge? Everyone. We communicate regularly through email, Twitter & GoogleWave. We meet weekly via Skype. All tasks are discussed, assigned, and followed-up on in a friendly and respectful manner. And when things get done, Jessica puts cool scratch-and-sniff stickers on our reinforcement poster. (Phil has the most stickers…for now.)
  • How are you going to engage your audience? We’re going to buy a whole bunch of diamond rings, then take our audience out for a romantic dinner, get down on one knee… no, wait. Scratch that.
  • We hope to engage our friends and our fans by sharing every single step of this filmmaking journey via blog, vlog, Twitter, etc. We all have all of the passwords to all of the TILT accounts (Twitter, the blog, the email, etc.), so we’ll all have equal opportunity to ask questions, vent, or share information. Maybe Phil will post videos when he’s in the midst of casting or scouting for locations. Maybe Julie will vent via vlog when she’s up all night and having trouble with a scene. Maybe Jeremy will blog about how he can’t believe Julie wrote a spaceship into the middle of a dramatic thriller…maybe not.
  • But we’re not only going to share our successes and frustrations with you. We’re also going to ask for your input. From time to time, we’re going to post questions or ask for your opinions about how to do something or which way to go. Why? Because YOU, friends and fans, are our best resource.
  • So far, who’s the hardest person to work with? Phil. Two words: Di. va.
  • Who’s the easiest…? Julie, definitely.
  • Um … easiest to WORK WITH? Oh…um, Jessica & Jeremy are probably tied on that one. (Awkward…)

We hope this gives you a little better idea about where we started and where we’re headed. We plan to post updates on Mondays and Thursdays, at the very least, so subscribe to the site to make sure you catch everything. Also, you can keep up with us on Twitter (@TILTtheMovie) for additional updates. Follow us individually on Twitter to get extra tidbits and a ringside seat to our collaboration: Phil (@philotilt), Jeremy (@jerdoyle), Julie & Jessica (@kingisafink).

What’s Coming Next? A post from Jeremy Doyle about equipment he plans to use + a vlog from King is a Fink


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